Bathmate User Reviews – Does it work?

Bathmate Hydromax x30  personal User Review

It is stated by the manufacturer of the bathmate Hydromax x -series pumps are the best and most effective penis pumps in the market. What comes to penis pumps Bathmate is the market leader. That already tells something but is it really the best that money can buy, does Bathmate really work and are the gains permanent? Those are the questions I suppose anyone who is about to buy the device would like to know before the purchase.

Bathmate Hydromax x30 is a penis hydropump is a water based hydro penis pump which will and does enlarge your penis and the results actually are permanent.

I have created this website because I want to share my experience with penis enlargement. I have found the methods that do work I have had great success and I can tell you that my self confidence has raised and now a days I’m confident also with women.

Why I chose Bathmate?

Before I bought Bathmate I tried couple of old style penis pump that are based to air vacuum. What those cheap pumps gave was mostly swollen foreskin and blisters to my dick. I already had second thoughts wht comes to penis pumps but then I read about Bathmate Hercules which is hydro pump from their original series and after the Hydromax x30 game to the markets I upgraded to that. Those were the first hydropumps that I bought and the first ones that gave me real gains.

Regular pumps create a air vacuum but Bathmate is different. Hydro pumps use water inside the tube and it creates powerful but gentle and even pressure. The delivery was very fast and after couple of days I received my pumps and naturally I immediately gave it a try and I can tell you I was astonished.

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How does it work?

The Hydromax works by using water pressure and that’s why the pressure is very gently and spreads evenly all over your penis. I did not get any blisters whatsoever or any other kind negative impacts. But the positive effect were amazing I had never seen such changes before. My penis looked huge right after the first try.

Those instant result were not permanent but it did last something like 4 hours and I was able to suprice my girlfriend with my new improved manhood. During the sex act she asked how I have become so huge. Well I can tell that felt good, both my girlfriends question and the sex after using bathmate. Instant results with Bathmate begun to last longer and maybe after a week it already lasted almost eight hours.

Permanent result with Hydromax become after four to six weeks of regular use. The results with Hydromax x30 have been mainly in with department. I grew about 1.25 inches in girth and approximately 0.5 inches in length during three months regular use of Hydromax x30. Results were and are permanent and are going up but that is because nowadays I use also MaleEdge extender to get mote length to my penis. You can find my Male Edge review here.

I can recommend Bathmate Hydromax x30 for every one who would like to enlarge their penis thickness. It is really an amazing product. I just upgraded to Hydromax xtreme series. I bought Hydromax xx40 because the old x30 turned to be too small. You can find the authors Bathmate review here.

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