How To Make Your Penis Rock Hard During Erections

One of the biggest challenges many men face in bed is impotence. Impotence is the inability to maintain a rock hard erection required for sexual intercourse despite of being aroused. It’s a condition that’s even more frustrating and disturbing than premature ejaculation and various other sexual conditions.

Soft or weak erections are actually caused due to a number of psychological and physical factors. Age also causes the issue (although it isn’t the main cause these days). Here are some of the main causes of weak or soft erections…

  • Reduced blood flow in the penile tissues
  • Low testosterone levels caused due to little or no physical activity
  • Stress and depression caused due to work, relationships and so on
  • Poor levels of nitric oxide (which affects blood flow)
  • Psychological issues such as low self-confidence and low self-esteem

The most common remedy most men resort to when suffering from such problems is the use of Viagra. Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis provide magical results for people suffering from such conditions. They can easily turn you into a SEXUAL God overnight regardless of your age or current sexual desire.

Drugs such as these ALSO cause many unwanted side effects and complications. Doctors are hesitant when it comes to advising these drugs in the long-term mainly because of the issues associated with them.

But don’t worry. Fortunately, there’s a safer and far more effective alternative in sexual health supplements. Sexual health supplements or erectile dysfunction pills are health supplements that contain various substances that help accomplish the following things:

  • Increase the nitric oxide levels in your body
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Improve overall moods by increasing serotonin levels
  • Increase blood flow in the penile tissues
  • And so on

All of these things contribute to harder and firmer erections and an increased sexual stamina when you’re in bed. Sexual health supplements can improve your overall sex drive and improve the firmness of your erections in as little as 2 – 3 months. Unlike Viagra and other drugs whose results are ONLY temporary, the results with these supplements are lasting.

Of all the sexual health supplements in the market right now, the one that stands out is Male Extra. Male Extra is a natural health supplement that contains a unique formulation of substances such as pomegranate elegiac, l-Arginine, ginseng, muira pauma and so on.

Almost all the ingredients the supplements contain have been clinically tested for efficacy when it comes to improving an individual’s overall sex drive. We strongly recommend that you give Male Extra a try.

Apart from taking a sexual health supplement such as Male Extra, it’s important that you also take other steps to increase the blood flow of your penis by exercising them with a device such as a penis extender. A penis extender will not only help improve the blood flow in your penis but will also help increase your penis size.

These extenders continually stretch and apply pressure on your penile tissues and cells. Your body naturally rebuilds these penile tissues and cells. These rebuilt tissues and other new tissues are longer, thicker and firmer (thereby leading to improvements in your overall penis size).

Not all penis extenders are created equal. Of all the various penis extenders in the market, we’ve found the Size Genetics penis extender to be the best. The Size Genetics penis extender stands out mainly because of its Comfort and Multi Angle Direction technology.

Nearly all other penis extenders are very restricted in use. You can only wear them in one angle. This can make it very uncomfortable for you after a period of time.

The Size Genetics penis extender on the other hand allows you to wear the device from 16 different angles. Plus, it’s so compact and soft that you won’t even feel it. You can happily carry out your other activities such as work, walking, exercise and so on while wearing the device.

If you’re really serious about transforming your sexual health by increasing the size of your penis and ensuring firmness and thickness of your erections, we strongly recommend that you use a Male Extra supplement along with a penis extender such as Size Genetics. When both these products are used in conjunction with each other, you can experience ultra fast results.


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