How to use Bathmate Hydromax

The Bathmate Hydromax is very simple to use. You can easily say that anyone can use Bathmate.

However I will tell you step by step how to use Bathmate and what is the correct usage of it. If you haven’t already purchesed one you’ll get the best picture of how to use this device by watching the following instructional video. If you already have Hydromax I still succest to watch the video. There is differences between using Bathmate in the bath and if you use it in the shower. However both are very simple.

All you have to do to use correctly Bathmate Hydromax is to follow these simple steps. To get the most out of The Hydromax it is essential to know couple of things.


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How to use Bathmate Hydromax

  • Move lock Straight into central position

On the top of your Hydromax device you can find which has three possible positions – top, middle, and bottom. Both side positions lock the valve. When the latch is in the central position your Bathmates valve is in the open position. All you have to do is to slightly push down and the latch can be moved to right position.

  • Choose the right comfort pad and put it Straight into vessel

Now you have to choose the right comfort pad and put it into the vessel. You have to take care to align the markings.

When you are using your Hydromax in the bath use the size that is most comfortable for you but if you use your Bathmate in shower you have to use the short insert.

  • Switch to point out or to hide measuring information

The gator along with the vessel could be turned separately so you’re able to decide to display the measuring information on the top side and observe how well you’re progressing if you want.

  • Warm up approximately 5 minutes

For the very best result with Hydromax you should get your get the blood circulating. This happens if warm up yourself under the warm wate for five minutes befor the exercise.

  • Fill up using water and Put in your penis

When you have warmed up and ready, Fill your Hydromax completely using water.

Now just put your penis in to the Hydromax without spilling out too much water. To make possible the pressurising you have to pull the Hydromax towards your body to create a tight seal.

  • Pump to produce suction power and discharge water

To be able to create the suction power you have to pull the Hydromax in the direction of your body The water will expel from the top of the device. When you pump you can notice the suction power raise whilst your penis is going to be drawn further up in the pump.

  • Re-pump to Keep the pressure

To prevent the damage your Hydromax is designed to slowly release pressure. When you feel that you need more pressure just pump again and the pressure will raise.

For the best result Bathmate Hydromax should be used aproximately Fifteen minutes on a daily basis.

  • Discharge pressure and Take the device off

When you feel that you are ready with your routine, you penis should be fully pumped and filled with blood. To be able to take your penis easily out of the Hydromax You have to release the suction power. To release the suction you have to press the valve in towards the device.

With Bathmate Hydromax you can achieve real enlargement

I can assure you that the development you will get in both the erect and flaccid size of your penis will amaze you. Hydromax will certainly significantly enhance your stamina and general performance. The average that adult men are growing is in between One To Three inches in length and along with a 30% development of width.

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