Large Analysis On Penis Size Reveals Something New but Obvious

New analysis of large size data of penis size has revealed something quite obvious. The large analysis was made by Tadaa, Data! (“You do the research, we do the math”). They used the data from huge World Penis Average Size Studies Database that combines data from medical studies and also from adult comparison website. They did have plenty of data.

Conclusion from penis size data analysis was interesting. Data shows that men lie about their penis size. And they lie them to be bigger. When talking about self reported samples men added an xtra 0.4 inches (1 cm) to their sizes. To both, flaccid and erect penis size measurement got their own extra centimeter.

Picture below show how the self reported and clinically measured data differs.

Tadaa Programmers only had one data point which was measured or self reported per country. Anyways the data shows also that the curiosity on penis sizes also differs by area. The most about penis size are people living in Africa and Europa.

Data also show that in South America, the men have the biggest growth factor. Penis growth factor means the difference between erect and flaccid penis. South Americans had a total of 60% increase from flaccid penis size to erect penis size. The average increase in penis from flaccid to erect size is 0.55 inches (1,4 cm)


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