Penis Enlargement – Here’s How To Achieve Massive Gains

Have you been thinking of trying a penis enlargement method? Are you unsatisfied by your current penis size? Would you like to achieve massive gains in your penis size? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Gaining massive increases in your penis size is indeed possible. Penis enlargement has been practiced by various tribes in different parts of the world for over 2,000 years. Even though penis enlargement methods do work, many people feel skeptical about it because of claims that they don’t work.

It’s true that there are some penis enlargements that don’t work. Methods involving the hanging of weights, intake of pills, etc do not contribute to massive gains in penis size.
Penis enlargement exercises are ALSO frowned upon. These exercises do work to provide results. But they don’t work for everyone. Plus, they take a very long time to provide results.

What are some penis enlargement methods that DO work?

Of all the various penis enlargement methods out there, there are only TWO methods that are known to provide massive improvements in penis size. The methods include…

1. Penis pumps

Penis pumps are pumps that help increase the size of your penis by creating a vacuum around your penis. A vacuum around your penis causes penile tissues to draw more blood into them. As blood flow to your penis increases, the penile muscles and tissues are stretched which in turn leads to increase in penis size over a period of time.

The penis pumps not only help increase the penis size but they also help make your erections harder and firmer. They are also known to prevent premature ejaculation as well.
There are many different types of penis pumps in the market. Almost all types of penis pumps in the market rely on air to create a vacuum. The problem with air based pumps is that they are quite uncomfortable and don’t provide quick results.

The alternative is Water based pumps. Water based pumps are much more effective and provide faster results because they rely on water to create the vacuum. The vacuum created by water is far more effective when it comes to drawing blood and stretching the penile cells and tissues than air.

The only water based pump in the market right now is Bathmate. You can learn more about that here.

2. Penis extenders

Apart from penis pumps, penis extenders are also known to help provide massive improvements in penis size. These extenders work quite similar to penis pumps but are far more effective. The extenders are small, compact devices which need to be worn around the penis. These devices apply gentle pressure on your penile tissues (quite similar to how free weights apply pressure on your muscular tissues).

The gentle pressure applied stretches the penile cells and tissues. The cells rebuild due to the strain caused. The new cells and tissues are stronger, firmer and a lot more flexible (which in turn leads to improvements in penis size).

Penis extenders have been endorsed by doctors and are continually tested by various doctors on their patients. We’ve reviewed various penis extenders in the market and have found one that stands out from all others – Size Genetics Penis Extender.

The Size Genetics Penis extender features Multi Angle Direction and Comfort technology to provide more comfort to the user wearing the device. Almost all penis extenders only allow you to wear the device in one direction (which can get extremely uncomfortable).

Size Genetics on the other hand offers you the flexibility to wear it from just about any angle. This allows you to wear the device for longer periods of time. We strongly recommend that you give the Size Genetics device a try.

How to massively improve your penis size in a couple of weeks?

Normally, it can take anywhere from 3 – 6 months to notice an improvement of 0.5 – 2 inches in the overall penis size with a penis extender or penis pump. But this can be accelerated by using both these devices in conjunction.

A penis extender such as Size Genetics along with a penis pump such as Bathmate can lead to massive gains in your penis size in just a couple of weeks.

Lear more about Size Genetics here.

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