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Simple and proven method that you can use to increase your penis size from the comfort of your home in less than 15 minutes daily, there's hardly a better choice than BathMate.


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If you’re unsatisfied and embarrassed by your penis size and have been considering purchasing BathMate Hydromax to help increase the size of your penis and improve your penile health, you have came to right place.

This is review of the Bathmate Hydromax Hydro Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax and xtreme are the newest series of Bathmate including Hydromax x20, x30 and x40. Many of the Bathmate users have started with the older model the Bathmate Hercules which belongs to original product line but the new Hydromax line will release extreme growth potential to you.

Hydromax X40, X30 and X20 are similar products what comes to their design only that the x40 is the biggest for the penis sizes over 8.5 inches up to 10 inches in penis lenght while the little brother x30 is for the penises up to 8.5 inches. In the girth department the size limits are for x40 up to 2.2 and for the x30 up to 2 inches in penis girth. The Hydromax X20 is the smallest one in the family with the maximum penis lenght of 7.5″ and girth up to 1.8″.

In What size the bathmate comes?

Bathmate Hydromax x-series size guide

Introduction to the Bathmate Hydromax

  • Water Based Pump
  • Seals at the pelvic seat
  • Skin safe rubber compound based grater
  • Can withstand pressures of up to 400 kilograms and impact forces of 20 kilograms
  • Discreet shipping
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 100% Washable Parts
  • Included measurement gauge

The Hydromax X30 is the latest addition to the products they offer you. They’re saying it offers you 30% stronger suction compared to alternative models they have, however it really feels like considerably more. It is the best one I believe, since the suction power is really much stronger.  Needlessly to say the volume of suction power and just how powerful it really is directly impacts ones results (which means the width enlarge and also potential length grow). Additional suction power means that additional blood is going to be pushed around the penile walls, leading to enlargement.

There is a silicon gaiter which seals the pump and comes against your body. The silicon gaiter seal is actually extremely soft and it shapes well towards your body. The Hydromax is designed to be used with water but the pumping is actually so strong that it’s possible to work with this out from the water in the event you decide to, even though the warm water dramatically increases the effects you will come across. Therefore I recommend you to  first-time working with it in a warm bath to generate the maximum results. Of course that is also quite motivating.

They are selling Hydromax series pump quite a fair and reasonable price. It is very high quality and durable product. The asking price is around $160. If you consider that the prive is not reasonable, I can tell you my honey has recognized a significant difference and asked “How did your cock get so big?“. I’m talking about something every man would love to be asked, and she doesn’t be aware of I am working with it for that reason it is even better.

Model x30 is actually limited in the dimensions and the x40 is ment for the bigger men, in case you are more than 8.5 inches erect then you need to go for the Hydromax x40 which is the big brother of the x30 and is ment for men over 8.5 inches up to 10 inches.

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What are the improvements of this new Hydromax product line?

  • Brand new Gaiter System offering 35% additional power
  • Swivel Gaiters! You are able to turn the bathmate 360 degrees when using the pump!
  • Super Flow Lock Valve means that you can forget leaking prefer the hercules
  • [Xtreme Only] Hand Pump and Optional Use Tube

Why Bathmate Hydropump really works.

To answer this question I could try to tell you that but I think the best way to find out how bathmate grows your penis and how it is possible is to watch this video.

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What are the advantages using Hydromax penis pumps?

Bathmate officially states multiple advantages of using their penis pumps. But are those real? That is what I am going to tell you in my personal review.

Bathmate has following claims..

bathmate hydromax penis pump review

  • Gain 1-3 inches in length
  • Expand Penis Width
  • Enhance Self Esteem
  • Improve Sex Stamina
  • Boost Your Orgasm
  • Correct penile Curvature
  • Grow the penis Glans
  • Stop Uncontrollable Premature Ejaculation
  • Can be useful for Ed

Those are quite impressive claims. But is Bathmate able to collect these promises.  As it is told, many have started growing penis using the hercules, and then updated into the x30 when it came to market. It is also known that if used regularly you will be forced to upgrade to bigger model. This will happen simply because the gains with Bathmate Hydromax are eventual.

If you are looking for the tested device for growing your penis. You have found it. Bathmate is the best selling Penis pump in US and that is for reason. Bathmate is able to collect their promises.


Could possibly be your Thickness & Length Growth Permanent?

Short Answer: YES!

Long Answer: Yes they can and are. As I have told you get instant results beginning from the very first time you use the Hydromax. The instant growth you see following your first time working with the Bathmate will not last permanently, they’re going slowly but surely fade over 3-4 hours after working with it.

The actual results begin after about a month of use. At this point it is  what is known as “cementing” takes place. Cementing simply means the results you firstly saw are going to turn out to be permanent. When cementing has started, you are going to start to see 0.2 – 0.5cm increases depending on just how frequently you pump, as well as for how much time you use pumping.

The width enhance is because the expanding in the capillary vessels inside your penis through the warm water, and large volumes of blood growing your width through the vacuum. I truly love the pump, no other thing has worked for me in the girth department.

Bathmate promises people 1-3 inches in total length growth, and as much as 30% greater girth in the event you follow a steady routine. In my experience, the length claims are somewhat overstated – however the girth claims are just right. The important thing for me personally, as well as for you is sticking with a regular routine, keeping your pump moments regular, and measuring weekly to follow the progress.


Will it Really Help with Stamina and provide you Harder Erections?

The penis enlargement market is filled with tons of fluff products, fake devices and pumps that don’t really work. They prey upon our insecurities to make a quick buck. Out of the hundreds of the different penis enlargement products in the market, there are only a handful that really work.

What comes to erection strength claim is without a doubt true.My erections have been rock solid in the past, however it didn’t constantly stand straight up. Afer using Bathmate my penis now pointing straight up to the sky.

The claims about stamina improvement I am convinced. I have noticed sicnifigant improvement in that department. I am now a days even able to get multible orgasms in one session. After working with the Bathmate Hydromax for several months, I’m able to officially state that the stamina promises tend to be accurate. What is notable is that my penis is more sentivite and still I can last much longer.

If you’re interested in a simple and proven method that you can use to increase your penis size escpecially at girth department from the comfort of your home in less than 15 minutes daily, there’s hardly a better choice than Bathmate.

With water based pump technology, 12 month warranty, durability, skin safe materials and included measurement gauge to monitor your progress, it’s truly one of the best penis enlargement pumps in the market right now.

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What makes Bathmate different from other penis pumps?

First of all Bathmate is a water based penis pump aka hydro pump. It is also the first and the original hydropump on the market. Of course you can, if you want buy a low cost basic air pump but I can assure you you are not getting result with those. Trust me, been there done that. You can also find other hydro pump like Penomet but the pressure that Bathmate generates is something different compared to cheap copies. The more pressure the better results.

The Bathmate is really a water penis pump specifically designed in order to use while in the bath or showering. Water based pumps are far more efficient and safer than the regular penis pumps, you are going to notice results quicker than you could working with an old-school air based penis pump. Bathmate has been in for quite a while, and also been proven efficient by numerous users.

Our readers Personal experienced review with Bathmate

Before everything else I can tell you that Bathmate can collect the promise about boosting self confidence. You may ask why and I can tell you that because it really works. I have received massive gains especially in girth department. I really love this device. Hydromax x40 is very easy to use also it doesn’t contain a number of components or small parts and it is easy to keep clean.

Very first time that I used the pump I was really surprised. My penis got a whole lot thicker girth wise, and this went on around 4 hrs. After a couple of additional times using it daily the fullness boost lasted for a longer time, about Eight hrs following working with it. Nowadays my erections are much stronger. I can talk about the real boner. My personal thickness has grown permanently over and inch. The results in metric system is 2.8 cm. I think that is a quite amazing gains.

I provided just a bit of the experience until now, however right now I would like to concentrate on the reason why I honestly love the Bathmate. There are a variety of penis pumps on the market, however only water based pumps give you the additional girth growth brought on together with warm water plus an even vacuum pressure.

Bathmate is totally amphibious, and doesn’t leak in air such as junk I used in the past. It’s very simple to wash, and even more importantly- it’s extremely comfortable as well as practical. You are able to let it rest in your shower using the shower strap attached, and each day I just throw it again around by neck giving it five to six pumps and then leave it on it’s own.

The vacuum pressure is effortlessly fine-tuned at the top of your pump, and is adjusted or easily taken off using one hand. The only issue I’m able to state that might be annoying relating to the Bathmate is shaving your pubic hair frequently. Therefore for those who have sensitive skin buy some shaving cream.

The flaccid penis size ended up being longer and also wider after my first time working with it. I suppose nobody wants to have to wait weeks to get results. After 2 weeks of pumping every day I had developed a 1cm girth enhance which lasts day to day. Pumping will not provide you a great deal of length increases, I have started to use Size Genetics for that.

I recommend each and every man who desires a thicker penis try out the bathmate.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Bathmate


It really works

Simpe as that!

Fast results

It gives you instant results. Instant results are not permanent but also those will come as long as you follow the routine.

Works out the entire penis

What makes Bathmate stand out from other pumps in the market is that it seals on the pelvic seat and not on the shaft of the penis (as is the case with traditional pumps).
This ensures that the entire penis is exercised thereby ensuring longer and rock hard erections throughout the entire length of the penis.

Regulates blood flow

The amount of blood entering and exiting your penis plays a crucial role in determining the overall size and thickness of your penis. Your penis is likely to accumulate various toxins through different sources.

It’s important that these toxins are flushed out at the earliest to ensure optimum growth of cells and tissues. And that’s exactly what the BathMate pump allows you to do.
The Bathmate Penis Pump uses a valve mechanism that allows your penis to be pumped in stages. With each stage, more blood enters your penis and exits your penis thereby detoxifying your penis and rejuvenating the cells.

Water based pump

One of the main features that makes Bathmate truly stand out from the competition is that the pump it comes with is actually a water based pump. It’s not an air pump.
Almost all penis enlargement pumps rely on the vacuum created by the pump to exercise and enlarge the penis. Science tells us that vacuum created by water is far more powerful than an air pump.

And that’s what Bathmate is all about. Bathmate ensures a solid vacuum is produced (with no air left around). The entire vacuum is filled by the expansion of your penis. At the same time, warm water also flows thereby lubricating your penis and ensuring blood flow.


When purchasing a penis pump, one of the most important things you need to look for is the durability of the pump. Most pumps tend to fall apart in just a couple of months. But that isn’t the case with Bathmate.
Bathmate’s pump consists of a polycarbonate tube that has been tested to withstand impact forces of up to 20 kilograms and a compression pressure of up to 400 Kilograms.
What this means to you? It means that you can rely on this penis pump for years to come. It won’t fail on you like the other pumps in the market. Its life can be said to be anywhere around 5 – 15 years.

Discreet Shipping

If you don’t want your spouse or any of your neighbors to find out that you’ve purchased a penis pump, don’t worry. Bathmate is shipped discreetly with a package whose external cover doesn’t suggest its contents. All the shipping documents and invoices that it comes with are also discreet.

Washable and safe

Bathmate’s penis pump and all of its parts that are likely to come in contact with your skin have been tested and approved. You don’t have to worry about any allergies. Washing is easy and recommended. All of Bathmate’s parts are washable up to a temperature of 80 degree Celsius.

Increases sexual pleasure

Bathmate’s pump movement not only helps make your penis larger but also stimulates various glands in your penis and the Corpora Cavernosa. This naturally increases your sexual desire and the pleasure you’re likely to experience while having sex. You can be assured of stronger and harder erections when you begin using this pump.


Length gains

Even though the Bathmate claims that you are able to get results also in penis lenght the gains in that department are not as big as with Penis extenders like Size Genetics. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get more lenght to your penis with Bathmate Hydromax. Of course you will. Only that with Bathmate the results will be more on girth side. Anyways there is better alternatives to gain lenght like Size Genetics Extender. Which also is amazing product.

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The Goliath and Hercules Models

Bathmate Goliath іs thе worlds largest penis enhancer whіch іs originally made fоr the adult industry. It is for the men thаt arе wеll endeavored wіth аt leаѕt 20cm long penis іn erect state. Bathmate Goliath was designed for two reasons. First was the Bathmate custormers who were grown so much that they could not to fit anymore to Hercules and demanded a larger device. second reason was the above mentioned adult industry аnd their better hung stars for whom the Bathmate Hercules was just not enough. It will be soon to be replaced with the Bathmate Hydromax x50- which ought to be being released shortly. Bathmate Goliath іs made tо thе specification оf thе wеll hung man thаt wаntѕ tо maintain hіѕ penis health аnd gain maximum results.

Bathmate Hercules is the original size of the bath mate. It made for the normal penis sizes up to 6.7 inch of girt and 8.5 inch of the penis lenght. This is a great device to start with after you have gained to maximum you can allways upgrade to Bathmate Goliath. It had been launched more than Six years ago and more than 200k consumers purchased it. Bathmate Hercules is totally wise invest in in case you are short on money. Due to the fact it is somewhat outdated the selling price is cheaper, at around One hundred dollars.

The review concentrates mainly on the newest Hydromax series of pumps, however if you simply are low on cash, but still desire a top quality pump – buy the bathmate hercules.


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  • Keijo says:
    5 stars

    Worth money. Good quality and the shipment came in one week. Feels good looks good and grows great..

  • BathmateBoy says:
    5 stars

    Great product. You can really see with your eyes that your dig grows.

  • Skatman says:
    5 stars

    It’s not only working but using it feels awesome.

  • Kent Cams says:
    5 stars

    Nice quality indeed. Works great. I’m very pleased!!

  • Stud says:
    5 stars

    Excellent quality. Fast delivery. I like :D

  • Carl says:
    5 stars

    I just got Bathmate hyromax x30 for christmas. This device is awesome!

  • Aim says:
    5 stars

    Different people will tell you different things, as for some, so, there can be an uncertainty. Various research conducted amongst women, have shown that there is no-one size that’s regarded as acceptable. Moreover, there can be an indication that for females, the girth is more important than the length. There exists a great variability amongst females as well about size choices.
    I can easily recommend Bathmate for gaining girth!

  • Jack says:
    5 stars

    I truly recommend. This i a amazing device!!

  • Joe says:
    5 stars

    The basic idea behind the pumping is to boost the blood flow in the penile area. The majority of the times the factor behind the erection problems is the inadequate blood flow. When you start pumping the vacuum obtains developed around the penis, which attracts the blood to the penis. There are 2 kinds of gains in the dimension which you can get with the pump. Initially one is temporary which entails the immediate enlargement which you get after making use of the penis pump. And with the continuous use of penis pump in time you could obtain the irreversible enhancement as well.

  • Constantin says:

    How long should I use it and see if it’s really real 5 1/2 now and how I should use to see results

    • jackhrer says:

      Hi Constantin,

      You start to see the results immediately, but the permanent gains are coming after one or tho weeks of daily use. How long you have to use the device depends on how much you want gain girth and with. The longer you use the bigger you get.

      To measure your size you can use the measurement scale on the Bathmate device itself or for the exact measuring use ruler. Just push the ruler tightly to your pubic bone and measure.

      I can assure you that the gains will come. Don’t hesitate. Just order your own Bathmate hydromax and be surprised!

  • rahit says:

    I ned this prodect. wher i can by.
    plless give me phon no…thanxxx

  • Kamal A says:
    5 stars

    I am 22 аnd hаvе hаd issues wіth bеіng embarrassed due tо penis size whеn I аm with girls. After uѕing уour penis pump fоr оnly 5 weeks I noticed а huge difference. I аm nоt ѕure іf mу results аre normal with everyоnе but mу penis iѕ muсh larger now. I wiѕh I hаd measured іt bеfоre I started ѕo I соuld knоw the exact change but I didn’t. Thanks fоr making ѕomething thаt аctuallу doeѕ whаt іt says. I owe yоu allot!

  • Janus R says:
    4 stars

    I ordered thе Bathmate аftеr mу Doctor recommended а penis pump tо hеlp wіth erectile dysfunction. I dіd а lot оf reading abоut thе types оf penis pumps аnd waѕ surprised whеn mу pharmacist recommended thе Bathmate аnd saіd а fеw оf hіs customers hаd trіеd іt wіth great success. I hаve beеn uѕіng іt sinсe February аnd аm happy wіth whаt I аm seeing.

  • Scott D says:
    5 stars

    So thеse аrе mу results аftеr uѕіng thе bathmate x40 fоr thе 1st week. I measured mу penis fіrѕt bеfore starting. E/L 7″ E/G 4.75″ midshat 5″ base. After uѕing thе bathmate fоr а week. My length wаѕ nеvеr а concern ѕo 7″ іѕ fine but thе girth increased аnd average оf .75″ girth aftеr removing thе pump 5.25″ midshaft аnd 5.75″ аt thе base. I cаnt wait tо sее whаt thе permanent results arе gоing tо be…Dont bе afraid tо usе оnе оf theѕе it’ll make уou smile everyday..

  • Mikko K says:
    5 stars

    I love my hydromax. Maybe the best feature is the instant result which it gives and the unbelievable stamita that my bathmate have gave to me…

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