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On average, men uѕing thе Male Edge increase thеіr penis size bу 28% іn length аnd 19% in girth. With 2800 grams Male Edge has the highest traction power available on the market. With this incredible power and Male Edge's comfortable design you are able to get the very fastest gains.


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Review of our Experiences with the Male Edge Extender

This is one of the best penis extenders we have seen. This review is written based on real user experiences using this device.

Male edge is a traction based penis enlarger. These kind of high quality enlarger are used  in medical conditions such as micro penis syndrome to lenghten the penis and on peyronie’s disease to straighten curvatures of the penis. This is how you are able to find the bests and the safest traction based penis extenders. If it is recommended by doctors and is qualified medical type 1 device. That said, you can be sure it works.

It is tested and medically approved. If you are interested you can easily find information about medical tests concerning  Male Edge from the official website.

If you are interested about the science behind the Male Edge, we get to that later. Anyway the fact is that is both- medical type1 device and it is recommeded by doctors. First we are talking about Size Genetics generally and what are the benefits of using Penis extender.

The device comes in three different versions: Basic, Extra, and Pro. We have personal experience only with the pro version but the design of these three version is basically the same. The Diffenrense between these versions is the addition of certain extras. These extras are more or less comfort add on’s. But this is important. When we are talking about penis traction devices the comfort is essential. We have tested those cheap replica devices and we can assure you there was just pain, no gains.

But the Male Edge is a Top‐of‐the‐range package with the highest traction power and it is one of the most comfortable devices on the market allowing the quickest possible growth!

What are the benefits using Male Edge

So what kind of promises the Male Edge gives. The question is are they able to collect those promises. That is what I am going to tell you in my review.

  • Can increase the length of your penis up to 3 inches
  • Can increase your penis girth
  • Can help on peyronie’s disease
  • recommended by doctors
  • Is a Medical Type 1 Device
  • penis growth is guaranteed


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 What іѕ Male Edge

The actual Male Edge history started in Early 90’s along with the foundation associated with DanaMedic in Denmark. DanaMedic continued in order to come up with headlines throughout the world through designing as well as producing the legendary Jes-Extender — the very best selling male enhancement device of all time. The Jes Extender ended up being the first one to offer workable, permanent and also scientifically proven method to lengten penis being a substitute for surgical procedure.

This ended up being inadequate for DanaMedic and around year ’07 these people began to devolop something much more powerful compared to Jes Extender ended up being. The outcome ended up being MaleEdge Extender.

Male Edge was created specifically for comfort as well as ease of use allowing the fastest possible development. Using the strongest traction force and comfotableness the Male Edge provides. I can assure you that this is a Great device.

How it Works

May be the best way to find out how the MaleEdge works is to watch the following video but I will try to explain. This might get little bit technical but I’ll give you first the short version and below the video you can find a more in depth explanation.  The traction is here the key point.  Penis extender uses the bodys natural propensity to growth. The device strenghtens the penile tissue which does have amazing elastic capability. When the tissue is under traction, cells divide and multiply and tissue increases . What that means is that your penis grows. Altogether I recommend to watch the video.


Male Edge penis extender offers an effective and incredibly powerful method known as traction which is quaranteed in order to make your penis bigger both in the length plus the girth. It is a painless practice resulting in the long term enhancing of your penis, which in most cases have been reported to be in between 2 and three or more in.. The method operates by the steady stretching out of the penis shaft, allowing the tissue cells to split and grow, in the process also known as cytogenesis.

By using this method for a period of time you will see signs of grow in penis length and width due to the general continuing growth of a new cells. With the gains it typically requires weeks or months for the very best final results but the time period it’s all about the individual enlargement needs. With your MaleEdge enlarger you’ll maintain the control of the traction-based treatment and decide the amount of time you actually wear it and what’s the exact traction force strength given to the penis. The enlargement with on your penis size is dependent of that time period you choose to wear the enlarger. You are able to quit with the enlarger when you are satisfied the length and girth on your penis and just enjoy the greater penile.

This kind of tissue traction expansion technique is not brand new and it has long been used by the health care professionals for lengthening arms and legs also it is used in a number of tribal cultures. The great thing with traction technique is that the human body doesn’t execute any behavior that it isn’t going to normally carry out and it is purely normal and take advantage of your normal growing capabilities. The MaleEdge technology has taken a well tried and tested technique and employed it to penile enlargement, while in the comfort and privacy of the home.

MaleEdge penis enlarger create microscopic together with macroscopic changes inside of your penis cellular material that generate permanent enlargement results in the penis Together with other positive aspects numerous MaleEdge penile enlarger users have described serious increase in the erection quality. This is because of greater cellular activity and the flow of blood into the male organ within the erectile function. MaleEdge enlarger one of the most widely known traction device has carried positive improves to numerous men’s everyday life.

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What makes MaleEdge different to other Extenders?

What is significant when we are talking about Male Edge and traction is that the Male Edge has the highest traction compared to any other device on the market.  The traction power of this device is up to 2800 grams. Sounds much and it is. Normally extenders offers traction power approximately up to 1500-2000 grams. My humble opinion is that even that sounds high when we are talking about stretching your dick. This is where the comfort comes to picture. As we told before we have tried those cheap alternatives and even with the little bit over 1 kilos stretching those device offers something else than comfort.

While using the Male Edge with protection pads and cohesive gauze you easily forgot that you are wearing the extender and took a nap. The better the comfort is the more you are able to wear it and allowing quicker growth. Simple as that.

Our readers Personal Experience together with the Male Edge Pro

I have started my penis growing routines couple of years ago with Bathmate penis pump. If you are interested about result with that device you can read my Batmate review. I can tell that I still use that device and love it. But there is one down side on growing your penis with hydro pump. Gains are amazing but it is mostly penis girth that grew not so much lenght. And I wanted also more lenght to my penis.

So I happened read a article about penis extender from some medical journal and decided to buy one. Unfortunately I bought the cheapest I was able to find. Well thats a different story but it relationship didn’t last long as you might have understood from before. Then I stumbled on Male Edge while hanging online. I ordered the MaleEdge pro device and when it came I was struck by the feeling of quality compared to that cheap crap.

With the extenders it is not the same as with the hydro pump. You don’t get instant results. It was after one week of daily use of traction that I did notice that my flaccid size looked bigger. There was a significant difference in lenght. What I also noted that my erections was getting harder and I was able to last longer in bed.

I did not any measurements at that point. But after a month I did measure my erect and flaccid lenght and I was stunned. I had gained 0.5 inches in lenght and around 0.3 in girth in that month.  I am not sure if the girth department was because of occasional use bathmate but the lenght was defenetely from the Male Edge. I was using the device from two to three hours daily. At the firs week only for one hour a day.

I used the Male Edge for little bit over one month and gained total of 1.3 inches lenght and ended up to be 6.8 inches. At that point I was on beach holiday for 3 months and wasn’t able to use the device but the result seemed to be permanent.

I also had a slight curvature to the left in my penis and now my erection points straight up to the sky.

How Much you can increase your penis size with Male Edge

At the end there is no limit on how big you can get but it is good to remember that it is reported that with penis size over 12 inches ( approx. 30cm ) it might be hard to get really strong erections. There is just some much blood needed. However there is no limit. It is just about how long you use the Male Edge.

There is a Great tool on MaleEdge website called Penis-o-Meter. With that tool you can easily estima how long you have to wear the device to get the results you want to achieve. Click Here to visit the Male Edge website.

Here is the isntructional video how to use MaleEdge Penis-o-Meter:


As you have read, Male Edge did collect it’s promises quite well. I did get, significant results in lenght and also some gains in girth. It is known that this device can also help to cure Peyronie’s syndrom. Altogether it will straighten penis with Peyronies or without.

What comes to MaleEdge’s claim that penis growth is guaranteed they seem to belief to that promise strongly.  Male Edge offers a double refund quarantee. In other words, if your penis hasn’t increased after completing the Male Edge program, they will give your money back twice.

We have used the MaleEdge with huge success and we are very pleased to what this traction device have offered. It is very high quality, comfort and easy to use davice.

We can still recommend Male Edge for all who is looking for a comfortable and high quality penis extender with a reasonable price. The asking price for the Male Edge Pro is around $220. If that sounds too high you can always purchase the MaleEdge Basic with the $180 price tag and get back later to buy the comfort accessories if needed.


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  • Thanks says:
    5 stars


  • massiveman says:
    5 stars

    Just received my device. The delivery was fast. quality looks good. Tested once and felt comfortable. At this point I would say it’s worth of money.

  • Tom Collins says:
    5 stars

    Unbelievable device. Very good quality. Used it now for one month and already have massive gains. Thanks!

  • User opinion says:
    5 stars

    Very comfortable to use. fast delivery. Good quality. I’m glad with my Male edge

  • Dr kuldeep agarwal says:

    how can we get this equipment

  • katofanya says:

    how i can get it? am in Tanzania Africa.

  • Alan says:
    5 stars

    I trіed Male edge whеn оne оf mу buddies told mе abоut іt аnd I hаve nеver looked back. It’s easy tо use, effective аnd hаs givеn mе а confidence boost I nеver expected. No longer аm I thе оne wіth thе small penis I´m thе daddy now!

  • Frasier L says:
    4 stars

    Try Male Edge extender іf уоu neеd tо add ѕоmething tо thе size оf уour penis, аnd yоu wіll bе amazed аt hоw good іt is! I hаve bеen usіng thiѕ brilliant penis extender fоr а fеw months nоw аnd cаn alreаdу feel аn improvement іn mу performance! This isn’t а miracle cure, it’s а superb item thаt doеѕ thе job!

  • Chack Z says:
    5 stars

    I trіеd loads of penis enlargers befоrе I settled оn thе MaleEdge аnd I wiѕh I hаd trіed thiѕ оne first! I’ve nеver bееn blessed wіth а large penis аnd уet wіth juѕt а fеw weeks of working wіth thе MaleEdge I’m аblе tо give mу girlfriend sex lіke nevеr before! It’s amazing, аnd it’s cheap too!

  • Georg O says:
    5 stars

    Male Edge іs а miracle! I waѕ skeptical аt firѕt but іf I cоuld post bеfоrе аnd аftеr pictures оn herе tо prove thе difference іt makes, I would!…

  • Mark S says:
    5 stars

    The bеst thing аbout Male Edge іs hоw easy іt іs tо use. іt’s virtually effortless аnd уou cаn grow уоur penis аnd “amp іt up” аs уоu arе dоіng othеr things. Wow….

  • Dylan M says:
    3 stars

    hіs lоokѕ awesome but I heard ѕome negative reviews аbоut build quality, anуonе trіеd thіs one?

  • Jim D says:
    4 stars

    I’ve јuѕt bought thіs – Its cheaper thаn Jes Extender аnd frоm thе sаmе people. Will update уou іn а fеw weeks..

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