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Performer 5 – Male Enhancement Pills

All thе superstar sexual performing ingrediments іn one system! Dual Combination Systen fоr Guaranteed Bigger Ejaculations!

Many men find themselves being disappointed by their orgasms and ejaculations.  There are many reasons why these normally wonderful aspects of sex are a little bit underwhelming.  If you are feeling this disappointment you should know that you are not the only one and there is a way to stop feeling this way.

These disappointments are often caused by the lack of certain nutrients in your diet.  Without these nutrients your body is unable to produce the levels of sperm and semen needed to produce truly wonderful orgasms.  The real problem comes with the fact that it is virtually impossible to get the correct amount of these nutrients from your diet.  Products like Performer 5 will help you get the nutrients you need to bolster your sex life.


What is Performer 5?

Performer 5 is a medically endorsed range of male enhancement pills.  This product will provide you with all the nutrients you need to not only improve the size of your penis but also longer lasting erections and orgasms.  Performer 5 has undergone years of testing and development to create the unique recipe of nutrients needed for a better sex life.

Performer 5 also uses natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about what you might be taking.  The people who create this product also state that you should use this in conjunction with a number of other steps to increase your sexual prowess.  A varied and nutritious diet is one step as it will not only help your sexual ability but also keep you healthy.  Completing daily penis exercises is also recommended as they can increase the strength and size of your erection.


Performer 5 Review – What ingredients are used?

The developers of Performer 5 have identified 5 nutrients which enhance male sexual performance.  These are the 5 nutrients that make up their unique recipe for their male enhancement pills.

  • Zinc Asparate and Zinc Gluconate are two forms of the nutrient Zinc.  Zinc is known to increase the amount of semen and the hormone testosterone a man is able to produce.
  • L-Arginine is an amino acid which increases and helps in a number of ways.  L-Arginine has been proven to increase sperm count, stimulate the production of growth hormones and helps to achieve as well as maintain erections.
  • DL-Malic Acid is a form of Malic acid, which has been proven to help the body in many ways.  One of the benefits of this is that it improves muscle strength and performance.  It helps to reverse fatigue and tiredness in the muscles as well as restore energy.
  • L-Glycine is a form of the amino acid Glycine, which is actually classed as a non-essential amino acid.  The main benefit of this amino acid is endurance enhancement as it regulates blood sugar and guards against the depletion of other amino acids.  This allows you to go for longer without getting tired.
  • Creatine Monohydrate is a nutrient that has long been used by bodybuilders.  This nutrient will buffer lactic acid which actually delays the onset of fatigue meaning you will be able to stay active for longer.

Performer 5 Review – Do I get a Guarantee?

Whenever you buy something you should always find out whether or not it has a guarantee.  This way if you are not completely satisfied with the product you can return it.  Performer 5 does offer a guarantee to all its customers.

With Performer 5 you will receive a 180 day money back guarantee, which is an outstanding 6 months period.  In order to get your money back you will need to have tried the product for at least 90 days.  If you have not seen any results or the results are not as you expected then you can return the empty and full boxes to get your money back.  This can be done anytime within 180 days of purchasing the pills.

Before you buy any product it is best that you find out all that you can.  A Performer 5 review will be able to tell you that this product is made of natural ingredients which are scientifically proven to enhance your sexual health and performance.  You will also find that Performer 5 gives you an outstanding 6 month guarantee on their products.


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  • Chris M says:
    5 stars

    Where tо start… I began taking Performer5 6 weeks ago аnd thе results havе bеen fantastic. Aside frоm beіng incredibly easy tо use, thеѕе nutritional pills whеn combined wіth thеіr penile training exercises make іt thе ideal male enhancement product.

    Already mу ejaculation volumes hаve tripled, mу penis hаѕ increased bу ovеr аn inch аnd mу partner can’t kеер hеr hands оff me. With Performer5’s support іt won’t bе long untіl wе hear thе patter оf lіttle feet. Thanks!

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