Size Genetics – Don’t Buy Size Genetics Until You Read This

Do you have doubts about Size Genetics? Do you wonder whether it can really help increase your penis size? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of men that want to increase their penis size, enjoy rock-hard erections have the same concerns that you have.

Size Genetics is a popular penis extender that’s been in the market for a while now. Some of its claims seem too good to be true. But the dozens of medical endorsements and customer testimonials makes you believe otherwise.

So does Size Genetics really work?

Well… Yes. The penis extender system employed within Size Genetics is one of the best in the market. It will certainly help increase the length and girth of your penis.

But here’s the thing – a majority of men who end up purchasing size genetics and other penis extenders never end up increasing their penis size.

Why does that happen?

The reason the failure rate is quite high for these products (even though they work) is because most of these men have unrealistic expectations. When these expectations are not met, they tend to give up on it naturally.

Size genetics is a high quality penis extender that can help increase your penis size. But you can’t expect miraculous results. Do not believe what they state on the sales letter of the product. The sales letter on the product only mentions the best results (cases where men experienced gains very quickly).

Not everyone can experience quick gains. In fact, it’s only about 20 – 30% of people that are likely to experience quick gains in size.

So when you set out to purchase Size Genetics or any other penis extender in the market, it’s important that you do so fully understanding that you may not belong to the top 20 – 30% of people.

You see… some men experience increases in size and girth in 2 – 3 weeks (significant increases). Some men experience it in 4 or 6 weeks. And there are others that experience gains in 9 – 12 weeks. In some other cases, it may even take longer.

So if you buy size genetics and feel that you aren’t getting the results you want, DO NOT GIVE UP. However, if you are thinking of giving up if it doesn’t work in the first two weeks or so, don’t buy the product at all in the first place. You’ll save money and your energy.

We’re not saying that your penis size will NOT improve at all with Size Genetics. It will certainly improve. In fact within two or three weeks, you’ll be able to notice some measurable changes. Some men notice an increase by half a centimeter in a month and there are others that notice a greater increase.

We strongly recommend that you note these minor improvements and encourage yourself to stick through the process. Continually measure yourself once every two weeks or so and you’ll be on your way to developing a long, rock-hard penis that will rock your woman’s wildest dreams.

With that said, here are a couple of other things that you need to keep in mind when buying Size Genetics…

1. Be prepared for daily use

Size Genetics will ONLY give you results if you use it daily. It’s just like a gym membership. Imagine… if you joined a gym and were only visiting it 2 – 3 times a week. The results you’re going to get will be slow. The same can be said for the Size Genetics penis extender.

2. Supplement with penis exercises

When you purchase size genetics, you also get a bonus book containing penis enlargement exercises. These natural exercises CANNOT help increase your penis size on their own (at least not as fast as penis extenders). But performing these exercises in conjunction with the Size Genetics penis extender will lead to quicker gains.

3. Focus on only one thing at a time

Some men who purchase penis enlargement products are NOT only interested in improving the size of their penis. They’re also interested in other activities such as working out regularly, dieting and so on. If you’re one of these folks, we strongly recommend that you FOCUS on only one thing at a time.

Join the gym if you want and stick to it and create a habit for 12 weeks. And then get yourself Size Genetics and wear the device and perform the exercises regularly and create a habit. Don’t try to focus on many things at once. You will lose even before you start.


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