Size Genetics – Increasing Your Penis Size Effectively

Would you like to increase the size of your penis? Do you find your current penis size frustrating? If so, don’t despair. You’re not alone. Many men tend to experience the same frustrations throughout their lifetime.

Physical appearance is crucial to success in many areas of your life (especially your social life). People judge you naturally by the way you look and the way you carry yourself (externally). The same holds true in bed as well.

Unless you’re already in a long-term relationship with your partner who knows and understands you completely, you’re going to have a SERIOUSLY hard time making an impression with new women in your bed.

A small penis size is indeed a challenge. Many women tend to be turned off by it (especially the ones that are the MOST adventurous in bed).

If you want to enjoy those sexual encounters fully and actually SATISFY these women in bed, it’s essential that you work on your penis size. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship with a partner, you stand to gain a lot by increasing your penis size. You can give your wife or girlfriend more pleasure.

There are so many benefits of having a bigger, thicker penis. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Ability to make a COMMANDING impression on a woman the first time you’re in bed with her
  • Make her experience an orgasm QUICKLY
  • Increase your chances of making a woman pregnant at the first attempt (Because a longer penis ensures that the sperms travel deep and aren’t quickly killed)
  • Have MORE confidence knowing that you’re the owner of a long and thick penis
  • Increase your sexual stamina in bed
  • Say goodbye to problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

When it comes to increasing your penis size, there are lots of different products in the market. Some of these products involve the use of penis pumps, penis enlargement exercises and penis extenders.

The most effective of all these types are penis extenders. Penis extenders are devices that stretch the muscles and tissues of your penis overtime by continually applying slow amounts of pressure.

Your penis contains the same types of tissues and cells that other areas of your body contain (such as your arms, legs and so on). If you want to develop your biceps and flaunt bigger arms, the obvious thing would be is to perform exercises (specifically weight training) that will apply pressure on these muscles and tissues.

Application of tension on these muscles and tissues leads to small tears. Your body repairs these muscles and tissues and strengthens them overtime. During this process, these muscles also tend to get bigger and thicker.

Penis extension devices work on the same principle. However, the only difference between your biceps and your penis muscles is that the cells and tissues in your penis are extremely delicate. They aren’t like other parts of your body. Excess pressure applied on your penis could cause permanent damage to these tissues (from which no recovery might be possible).

That’s why it is important that you only purchase penis extension devices that have been tested, safe and are proven to work. Size Genetics is one such device.
Size Genetics is a penis extender that has been clinically proven to safely increase the length and thickness of the penis over a period of time. Clinical tests of Size Genetics have revealed the following results:

  • Increase in penis size by 13% in the first 8 weeks of use
  • In the next 8 weeks, an increase of 6% was noticed
  • Over a 12 week period, a 24% improvement in size was identified

And the best part… there were no side effects. Size Genetics is one of the safest penis extension products in the market available right now. Here’s why…

1. Endorsed by medical professionals
Size Genetics is one of the few penis extenders that has received endorsements from various medical professionals all over the world. These medical professionals are ACTUALLY recommending the product to their patients and are constantly monitoring the improvements made.

2. CE Marking
Size Genetics is probably the only penis extender in the market that carries a CE marking. The company behind Size Genetics has plenty of patents pending on its unique Multi Angling Direction system which helps one improve penis size safely and naturally overtime.

Size Genetics Review

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