Size Genetics Penis Extender – How Does It Work?

Do you want to increase the size and thickness of your penis? Did you recently hear about Size Genetics and are considering purchasing it? Would you like to learn more about how the penis extender works and how it can help increase your penis size?

If yes, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Size Genetics is a penis extender that helps increase your penis size by continually applying pressure on your penis. The process is quite similar to weight lifting.

A weight trainer continually stretches and trains his muscles by progressively adding on heavier weights to his exercise regime over a period of time. As he progressively adds weight (not all off a sudden), small micro tears are caused in the muscle tissues.

The body naturally heals these tears and strengthens the muscles overtime. The process eventually leads to development of larger, stronger and firmer muscles.

Nearly all types of penis extenders including Size Genetics use the same principle to help increase penis size. A penis extender is something that you wear on your penis. The extender continually applies pressure on your penis (in slow amounts) on the Corpora Cavernosa thereby leading to increase in the size and thickness of the penis overtime.

But here’s the thing – not all penis extenders are the same. There are some penis extenders in the market that are untested.

You see… the cells and tissues in your penis are extremely delicate. They aren’t like muscles and tissues in other areas of your body. They won’t be able to withstand damage like the other cells and tissues in your body.

Lifting a 30 lb dumb-bell once won’t cause much of damage to your arms even if you haven’t been lifting weights (although it will certainly hurt for a while). But that isn’t the case with your penis. Application of excess pressure on your penis can PERMANENTLY damage your cells and tissues in an instant.

That’s why the medical community is so skeptical about approving any product officially. They know that there are many men who experience serious issues with their penis size. But most of the medical community doesn’t offer any help because it’s an unsafe environment.

A doctor can be literally sued for advising the wrong treatment because the consequences are SEVERE. The wrong type of treatment can permanently damage the penis and prevent the individual from having any erections at all.

So it’s important that you exercise caution when choosing a penis extender. Size Genetics is a penis extender that isn’t like any of the other products in the market. It’s one of the few products in the industry that has ACTUALLY been invented by a doctor and is BACKED by endorsements from various medical professionals.

Dr. Jorn Ege Saina is a plastic surgeon with specialty in male sex organs who played a crucial role in the development of the Size Genetics Penis Extender. He fully endorses the product.

You see… it’s easy for normal people to make such health claims and get away with it. But doctors cannot. Doctors, once they make an endorsement, need to stick by it. Making the wrong medical endorsement will screw their career.

Apart from various medical endorsements, Size Genetics also stands out as a safe penis extender for a number of other reasons…

1. CE Mark Certification

How many penis enlargement devices have you heard of have a CE Mark certification?

Size Genetics is only one of the few penis extenders that have been assessed for safety and efficacy. The product has been clinically tested and carries the CE mark. The company has multiple patents pending for its top notch product.

2. Multi-Angle System

One of the main issues with the penis extension devices of the past was that they were required to be worn from just a single angle. While this worked, it made it very uncomfortable for a lot of men. That’s what Size Genetics addresses with its Multi Angle System.

The Multi Directional Angling system Size Genetics features allows you to choose the angle where you’d like your penis to grow and wear your device accordingly.

And the best part… you can wear this penis extender even when you’re at work and you won’t be affected at all (that’s what Multi-Angling Direction) system helps you accomplish.


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