Size Genetics Penis Extender – Why Choose Size Genetics

Have you been thinking of purchasing a penis extender to help increase your penis size? Are you considering giving Size Genetics a try? Do you have skepticisms about the product? If so, pay close attention here.

The skepticism you’re feeling is quite natural. Size Genetics is one product that boasts of claims and dozens of testimonials that just seems too good to be true. The idea of massive gains in penis size within a couple of weeks is hard to believe.

So can Size Genetics really help increase your penis size?

Well… the answer to that question would be an absolute Yes. Size Genetics is a penis extender. It isn’t like other types of devices in the market that promise to help increase penis size.

Penis extenders are the ONLY type of device that has been successfully tested by doctors and clinicians to satisfactorily increase penis size without causing any side effects. Penis extenders mainly work because of the following reasons…

  • They help increase the blood flow to the penile tissues
  • They stretch the penile tissues causing small micro tears (due to continual application of pressure)

Just like how muscles are rebuilt after workouts, the penile tissues and cells are also rebuilt after small micro tears are caused by the penis extenders. Other products such as penis pumps, patches and exercises ONLY increase blood flow to the penis.

Increasing blood flow to the penis DOES help increase penis size in some cases. But the biggest benefit of increased blood flow is firmer and harder erections. They don’t really make a massive difference when it comes to increasing penis size.

That’s where Size Genetics stands out. Being a penis extender, it offers greater gains than most other conventional products.

But it isn’t like many other penis extenders. There are some genuine reasons as to why it’s one of the best Penis Extenders in the market right now…

1. Multi Angle Direction Technology

A penis extender’s effectiveness mainly depends on how long it’s worn. The longer it’s worn, the better the results. But the problem with most penis extenders is that they can be very uncomfortable to wear after a period of time. Plus, they’ll also prevent you from carrying out your regular day to day activities.

That’s where Size Genetics truly stands out. The Multi Angle Direction Technology it features allows anyone to wear the extender from just about any angle. This in turn offers you more comfort and allows you to wear it when carrying out other chores and activities as well.

You can even work while wearing the Size Genetics penis extender and you won’t feel a thing.

2. CE Marking

Size Genetics is only one of the few extenders that have been clinically assessed and tested before hitting the market. Each one of the Size Genetics devices carries a CE certification mark. Not all penis extenders feature CE marking.

Apart from CE Marking, the device has also been classified as a medical type 1 device for safety and efficacy under the Medical Device Directive.

This means that the penis extender is completely safe to wear and will not cause any side effects. There’s no way to tell that with other penis extenders.

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